Wholesale Terms & Conditions

By entering into a contract/purchase order for product from dermaTRUTH, Reseller agrees to each of the following:
  • Reseller represents and warrants that Reseller is in the business of providing skin care services or products. If Reseller is not in the business of providing skin care services and products, then Reseller has informed dermaTRUTH of Resellers business and has obtained the written consent of dermaTRUTH to sell dermaTRUTH product at Reseller’s business.
  • Reseller represents and warrants that Reseller has all valid state and local licenses and/or professional licenses (if applicable) to do business in Reseller’s marketing area and be set up to collect and pay state and local sales taxes (if applicable) on the sale of any dermaTRUTH product. Reseller agrees to provide dermaTRUTH with a copy of any and all such licenses and/or permits upon request of dermaTRUTH. If Reseller conducts business within the state of California, Reseller agrees to provide dermaTRUTH with a valid resellers permit.
  • All opening orders of dermaTRUTH product by Reseller shall be in a minimum of Five Hundred dollars ($500).
  • All subsequent orders of dermaTRUTH product by Reseller after the opening order shall be in a minimum of Fifty Dollars ($50.00).
  • All retail products must be purchased in bundles of three (3) units.
  • Orders of less than Five Hundred and No/100 Dollars ($500.00) require that the Reseller pay actual shipping cost, typically by USPS Priority Flat-rate. Orders of $500 or more will receive free shipping. Shipping service used is subject to the discretion of dermaTRUTH without notice to Reseller.
  • All opening orders will receive 1 trial size per full size unit ordered, 1 retail bag with dermaTRUTH logo per full size unit ordered, and promotional materials (brochures, etc.). Additional trial sizes and retail bags may be purchased by Reseller.
  • All approved dermaTRUTH resellers will be listed on the dermaTRUTH web site under the retail locator page.
  • All purchases by Reseller will be paid by credit card or Reseller’s company check before shipment. Orders paid by check will not ship until the check is honored by the bank upon which it is drawn.
  • Reseller will receive a fifty percent (50%) discount on all full sized products purchased. This 50% discount will be calculated on the current full retail price set by dermaTRUTH. The 50% discount shall not apply to special promotional pricing and discounts. While dermaTRUTH will make every effort to provide ample notice of any price increases or changes in the reseller discount structure, dermaTRUTH reserves the right to change prices without notice.
  • Reseller agrees not to advertise dermaTRUTH products at retail prices lower than those on the dermaTRUTH web site.
  • Reseller acknowledges and agrees that dermaTRUTH reserves the right to offer occasional special promotions and incentives on pricing and shipping for its resellers, as well as direct to consumer accounts.
  • Reseller acknowledges and agrees that dermaTRUTH reserves the right to offer resellers different pricing structures based upon such resellers’ volume of purchases of dermaTRUTH product.
  • Reseller will attractively and prominently display dermaTRUTH products at Reseller’s place of business and be knowledgeable about any dermaTRUTH product Reseller may advertise for sale.
  • Reseller may retail dermaTRUTH products in Reseller’s physical place of business as long as that place of business complies with all applicable state and local regulations. Online sales are permissible on the Reseller’s web site only. No third party web site sales are allowed (e.g., eBay, Amazon, Yahoo stores and others).
  • Reseller agrees not to sell dermaTRUTH products to others for the purpose of resale.
  • Reseller agrees that all professional or “back bar” products are for professional use only and not to be re-sold, repackaged or distributed to consumers in any way.
  • Due to high levels of active ingredients, Reseller understands and agrees that all dermaTRUTH products must be stored in a suitable climate controlled environment in their unopened original packaging until the time of sale. Certain dermaTRUTH products may have specific storage requirements that have specified storage instructions that are provided with the purchase of such products. Reseller agrees to follow all storage instructions for all dermaTruth products.
  • Except for damaged items, all returns must be made within 30 days of original delivery to Reseller. All returned items are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Shipping costs for returns are the responsibility of Reseller. All returned products must be in new, never opened, resalable condition with no marks, stickers or other alteration or damage that would make it anything other than a new product.
  • Consumer returns are permissible but must be sent to dermaTRUTH within 15 days of the actual return from the consumer accompanied by the original retail sales receipt dated not later than forty-five (45) days of the date of the return to dermaTRUTH, and the return must include a brief explanation from the consumer describing the reason for return. Once the return is received at dermaTRUTH, Reseller will receive a credit of Reseller’s original cost of the returned item(s) toward Reseller’s next purchase, taxes and shipping are excluded.
  • In the event that items are damaged during shipment, Reseller agrees to notify dermaTRUTH within 48 hours of receipt of the damaged goods. dermaTRUTH will arrange for a carrier pick up and associated damage claim. Damaged products must be returned to dermaTRUTH in original packaging (unless the product is too badly damaged) within 15 days of the delivery. As soon as practicable after receipt of the damaged goods, dermaTRUTH will provide identical replacement products--no substitutions, quantity changes, discounts or refunds
  • Reseller agrees not to repackage, re-label or alter dermaTRUTH products, packaging or promotional materials in any way. Stickers or stamps with Reseller information on product brochures and retail bags are permissible, so long as the dermaTRUTH logo is not obscured.
  • Reseller acknowledges and agrees that the name dermaTRUTH, any applicable product names, logos, labels, descriptions, slogans, etc. are trademarked, copyrighted and/or proprietary to dermaTRUTH. Reseller may use such proprietary items in their original form without any alteration or addition in Reseller’s promotion and sale of dermaTRUTH products. Any other use is prohibited without the express written consent of dermaTRUTH. Reseller may contact dermaTRUTH for assistance with images or other material that Reseller may want to use for promoting dermaTRUTH products.
  • Purchases at tradeshows, conferences or other industry events do not necessarily constitute the opening of a Reseller account unless specifically stated as such by dermaTRUTH.
  • dermaTRUTH reserves the right to refuse to admit anyone as a reseller of dermaTRUTH product or cease sales to a reseller at dermaTRUTH’s sole and absolute discretion, and without notice.
  • Any dispute arising between Reseller and dermaTRUTH shall attempt to be resolved through good faith negotiations by the parties. If no resolution can be obtained through negotiations, then the parties shall submit the dispute to binding arbitration with the American Arbitration Association, or an alternate arbitration proceeding mutually acceptable to the parties, which arbitration shall be conducted in Fresno, California.
These General Terms and Conditions may be amended, modified, changed or cancelled at any time in the sole and absolute discretion of dermaTRUTH.

Updated 10/30/18
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