I love these products so much as they have greatly improved my skin quality. I have been using them ever since their inception and I am 74. I moved from California to Texas and order the products to be sent here.
Judy Crossland
I dont normally post reviews however after using the ‘in the beginning’ Dermatruth trio only four times- I have to share how wonderful these products make your skin look and feel! I am 60 and have used thousands of dollars worth of products over the years but finally found the one ;) My husband wants to try it out now too so i am sure he will be using it in the future, as well. A little goes a long way, which I am happy about. Customer Service is very quick and professional if you ever have questions! Loren and her husband Alex from 90 day fiance recommended it on their IG account so I wanted to try it and so happy I did! The cleanser’s lather is very creamy and smooth and you can almost feel the serum and gel work as you put it on! It just feels healthy without any unnecessary scents...I will definitely be reordering.
First off, I was VERY leary about trying anything new. I have extremely sensitive skin. I can try something and the next day I have little red bumps all over my face….
Not only did I NOT have a bad reaction. I had a fabulous one. My skin felt smooth. It felt so hydrated. Dare I say, like a baby’s bottom! This product is awesome. In just a few short weeks those little “11” lines between my eyes were even less noticeable. I can’t rave enough on how this made my face look AND feel. Anyone who’s thinking about trying it…DO IT. If you are leary like I was because of my sensitive skin… TRY IT. You will be so thankful you did. I know I am!!!
Love it! ” In the Beginning” serum combines all the active ingredients and antioxidants skin thrives on in one bottle! I saw an improvement in brightness and texture in a few weeks. The serum absorbs quickly and I had no problem using along with my other products.i I like a no nonsense approach to skin care, and this product delivers!
I have been using dermaTruth “In the Beginning” for approximately 6 months. I like the fact that it absorbs well and is not oily. It has made my skin so soft and has given it a natural glow. I highly recommend this product to anyone and all skin types. You will be very pleased with the product because it does exactly what it claims to do!
I have been looking for the perfect serum and DermaTruth “In the Beginning” is it! I wanted something that combined Vitamin C with other antioxidants in packaging that would preserve the fragile state of the ingredients. Oh, and under $100 would be nice! There are so many serums out there that have one or two active ingredients, but DermaTruth is packed with all kinds of amazing stuff. And you can see it on your face when you use it. You will notice your skin brightening and tightening. Fine lines and wrinkles become less noticeable. And your face just glows! Shop around and you won’t find a more ingredient packed serum for the price. It is a steal and it works!
I have to take this opportunity to rave about this product now that I have been using it for a while. I simply LOVE it and I don’t LOVE many products. I just returned from vacation in Mexico and to battle the humidity AND the sun AND the pool/sea water, I kept my face routine simple with the Beginning lotion, moisturizer, and sun screen. It was perfect. My face can be problematic and this product makes my skin so soft and nourished. Thanks for bringing this into my life!

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