Our Principle

As a researcher and owner of an esthetics clinic, Dr. Michelle Calvarese saw the challenges of navigating a beauty-marketing minefield and dermaTRUTH® was born.  Our mission is to create products with time tested, scientifically proven ingredients that improve the health of your skin. Period. No fads, no fluff and no fairy dusting.


It seems like every day there is either a new “miracle” ingredient that creates a cult following or a supposed “evil” ingredient that everyone believes they must avoid. Unfortunately the marketing claims don’t always match up to the facts. At dermaTRUTH® we don’t blindly follow fads. We analyze an ingredient, whether tried and true or brand new, for scientifically proven efficacy and safety. Our goal is to give you the best products possible that will actually make a difference in your skin.


Some skin care products are very appealing; everything from the packaging to the texture to the smell is designed to pamper you. While these things are important and desirable, we want you to have more than just a sensory experience based on perfumes, fillers and packaging. At dermaTRUTH® we strive to give you scientifically proven active ingredients in packaging that will protect them rather than just a luxurious but not necessarily effective experience.


The ingredients in a skin care product are very important. Even more important though is the amount of a particular ingredient that is used. Unfortunately the skin care industry is littered with products that advertise having a certain ingredient but the amounts used are so small that you will not see the benefit. At dermaTRUTH® all active ingredients will always be in the amounts that are proven to be effective.

dermaTRUTH® ….Where results are built on science, not hype.

Our Story