Korean Facial Cleansing Cloth


Price: $20.00
Product ID : Cleansing-cloth


What is it?

A 10"x10" South Korean 70/30 blend cleansing cloth- premium fibers for the ultimate in cleansing luxury. Removes makeup with ease using just water or pair it with our dermaTRUTH Antioxidant Cleanser for the ultimate in clean skin. This cloth features dual textures, one on each side. One is soft and plush and the other is a shorter pile for removng more stubborn makeup.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants an easy, safe way to get their skin as clean as possible.

Why is it different?

Unlike most cleansing towels on the market, this is a premium South Korean 70/30 blend; the finest of its type available. With proper care, this cloth will last for years before requiring replacement.


IMPORTANT proper care is essential to the performance and life of this cloth. We recommend the following to keep your Korean cleansing cloth in peak condition:

  • Always wash before first use.
  • Wash in warm or cold water using a clean rinsing detergent that is free of dyes and perfumes. We have found that All® Free & Clear® detergent works very well.
  • Never wash with cotton or other linting fabrics as lint can clog the fibers of the cloth. Only wash alone or with non-linting synthetic fabrics or microfiber.
  • NEVER dry on high heat; this will damage the fibers of the cloth, rendering it ineffective. Dry on low heat or no heat only. We have found that 5-10 minutes on low heat followed with no heat works extremely well. Air drying is also acceptable.
  • Never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets since these contain waxes and other materials that will clog the fibers of the cloth.
  • For extremely stubborn stains, soak in a mixture of water and detergent overnight before laundering.

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