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Fairy Dusting Explained

“Fairy dusting,” also known as “angel dusting” or “window dressing”, is a term used in the skin care industry that refers to beneficial ingredients being used in a product but not in amounts that are sufficient to provide much benefit. The consumer sees favorable ingredients on the label which convinces them to purchase the product believing that they will reap the benefits. Unfortunately though, the actual amounts are too small to produce results. The product has been sprinkled with just a touch of the “good stuff” like a bit of dust from a fairy.

Why would some manufacturers practice fairy dusting rather than just using effective amounts of ingredients? The simple answer is economics. Effective active ingredients are the most expensive ingredients in a cosmetic formulation. There are no government regulations regarding how much of an ingredient is required for it to be listed on the label or to make claims regarding the benefits of that ingredient. The consumer may therefore be left with a nicely marketed, yet ineffective product.

It is not always easy to tell if your product has been fairy dusted, but your best defense is to be an educated consumer. dermaTRUTH is committed to no fairy dusting; our products always contain active ingredients at levels proven to be effective. We are committed to bringing you the best products possible along with information you need to make informed decisions regarding the health of your skin.