The dermaTRUTH Difference

Founded by a university professor and esthetician, dermaTRUTH blends both science and hands-on clinical experience to ensure cutting edge formulas that exceed expectations. The IN THE BEGINNING® franchise was designed to be the foundation of every skin care routine. It is where you begin. Whether you are experienced in skin care or new to the process, these products are a must have part of your anti-aging arsenal. Filled with antioxidants and peptides, they help protect your skin from the onslaught of environmental and intrinsic stressors that age your skin, as well as help to improve existing signs of aging. These powerful formulas are elegant in texture, lightweight, and absorb quickly. In order to correct the signs of aging, you must first slow down the factors that are causing it. This is why an effective anti-aging skin care routine must begin here.

✔ Improve skin radiance
✔ Improve overall skin texture
✔ Improve the appearance of fine line and wrinkles
✔ Improve the appearance of sagging skin
✔ Improve the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation
✔ Increase antioxidant protection
✔ Slow down glycation and help inhibit AGEs
✔ Clinically tested for safety, stability, and irritancy
✔ Non-comedogenic
✔ Good for all skin types, even sensitive
✔ Not tested on animals